Caregiver Jobs In Canada With Visa Sponsorship 2022 – Apply Now – CAREERS CANADA

Caregiver Jobs In Canada With Visa Sponsorship 2022 – Apply Now

Caregiver Jobs In Canada With Visa Sponsorship – Apply Now

Who is a Caregiver? “Caregiver” refers to anyone who provides care for another person. There are different types of caregivers that provide specific care, like family caregivers and respite caregiver. Caregiver can help relieve burdens and support individuals in need. They may help for a long time or just a short time, but their care is always important. Let’s take a closer look at what a caregiver’s role is.

We have mainly 3 types of caregiver ; Because “caregiver” and “caretaker” refer to anyone who provides care, there are different types of caregivers. When it comes to senior care, these are the types of caregivers that you may hear about.

  • Private-duty caregiver: Private-duty caregivers are hired through an agency. These caregivers are typically screened through the agency, bonded, and insured. Working through a caregiver agency, families can get a backup caregiver if their scheduled caregiver can’t make a shift.
  • Independent caregivers: These caregivers are also known as private caregivers, but they should not be confused with private-duty caregivers. Independent caregivers do now work through an agency. While the cost can be cheaper, families paying for these caregivers take on the liability of letting someone in their home.
  • Family caregiver: Family caregivers are members of the family who choose to care for a loved one. These caregivers may be children, spouses, or other family members. They may work another job in addition to their responsibilities and usually don’t receive compensation for their service.
  • Respite caregiver: A respite caregiver provides care for a period of time to give a family caregiver a break. These caregivers can be private-duty or independent caregivers, but the role implies that they are not long-term caregivers.

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Caregiver Qualifications

  • Caregiver requirements vary from state to state, so there is no set education level or certification required for all caregivers. For example, some caregivers are only required to have 40 hours of training, while other states require 120 of education and training. Caregivers can work for agencies that have their own set of standards as well.
  • Private-duty caregivers usually undergo a thorough background check and a rigorous interview process to be hired at an agency. That’s why it’s so important to research the caregiver agency or the independent caregiver you are hiring.
  • At Caring, we even go a step further and ensure that our caregivers have the qualifications and the personality to care for seniors. We’ve found that the best caregivers are patient, empathetic, dependable, and flexible. But these are just some of the caregiver qualities we look for. Additionally, we provide ongoing training to make sure that our caregivers are always up-to-date on best practices.

 Bayshore is seeking a dedicated Personal Caregiver to join our amazing team as we continue our 50+ year tradition of providing high-quality care to our community.

As a trusted partner, Bayshore is working to respond and provide much needed services to its clients and communities across Canada. As a Personal Caregiver, we offer you the chance to make a difference and do meaningful work within the settings and schedules that match your needs and interests.

At Bayshore (caregiver jobs in canada), you create special moments for clients every day. If your calling is to “be the difference” by providing outstanding care, then a Health Care Career with Bayshore is the Perfect Fit for YOU!


Why Bayshore?

Bayshore (Caregiver jobs in canada) strives to take good care of you – while you take care of others:

Chart your path – Take charge of your day and manage what’s important to you. We offer nurses and caregivers work flexibility designed to empower you. Choose the number of hours you want to work and a schedule that compliments your lifestyle
Shape the wellbeing of our clients & communities – Take control and use your experience to create special moments for your clients and help us build better communities
Realize your full potential – We are committed to helping you realize the future you desire and we achieve this through a wide variety of work options, continuous learning, and access to healthcare experts
Feel rewarded for doing what you love – Do you want to make a difference and get back to the fundamentals of caring? We will empower you to do work you are passionate about with autonomy and support from experienced colleagues and supervisors. We offer competitive pay and comprehensive company-sponsored benefits for you and your family

Work in a safe and healthy work environment – We take health & safety seriously. We provide personal protective equipment (PPE), relevant training in line with evolving health guidelines, and daily infection prevention screening of clients and workers to help prevent exposures to COVID-19

The Work You Will Do

  • As a Caregiver, you provide high-quality and compassionate care to your clients in the community
  • Provide standard care services and assistance with basic and instrumental activities of daily living (ADL/IADLs), as well as specialized, client-specific support when required. Examples include providing personal companionship, meal prep, housekeeping, personal care, medication reminders, respite care, dementia care, hospital discharge and palliative care to clients on a one to one basis in their homes or community setting
  • Ensure on an ongoing basis that the emotional, physical comfort, and safety of clients are met to the greatest possible extent
    Job Qualification

Who You Are

  • Desire to help improve the lives of those in your community
  • Dedicated to providing high-quality care services to clients and knowledge of practices for community care
  • Have either a reliable mode of transportation (Bus, Train, etc) OR a valid driver’s license and reliable vehicle for commuting
  • A clear Police Criminal Record able to get a Vulnerable Sector Screening if required
    Completion of formal, accredited caregiver training program and/or a combination of equivalent education and experience is considered an asset
  • Must have received the full series of a COVID-19 vaccine or combination of COVID-19 vaccines approved by Health Canada**