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Computer Analyst Needed In Eastern Health Canada

Working within the Health Information Systems Support Division of Eastern Health, the Computer Programmer Analyst will join a team supporting the development and deployment of Information Technology solutions that advance new and ongoing Health Care initiatives within the organization.

The position works closely with the HIS team supporting Eastern Health’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) System- Meditech and will contribute to the design, implementation and maintenance of the EHR health record for Eastern Health.

This position will work in consultation with clinical programs in further developing the EHR of Eastern Health, including; maintaining dictionaries, testing software upgrades/ring releases, configuring and testing the various Meditech modules for 3rd party solutions that integrate to Meditech (i.e. Med Access EMR, HealtheNL, ARIA, PowerScribe etc.) and supporting staff during and after all electronic implementations, updates and changes. They participate in the facilitation of inter-professional team development, inter-sectoral collaboration, change management processes and community capacity building.

Job Demands
By applying for this job, you acknowledge an understanding that regular requirements and demands of this job include (but are not limited to):

  • Occasionally lifts objects up to 25 lbs., as well as occasional standing, walking, driving, bending, kneeling and stretching may be required.
  • Constantly performs fine finger/precision work while sitting and using a computer mouse.
  • Constantly requires visual concentration when designing and coding applications, debugging and troubleshooting reports/forms/scripts

Job Qualifications

  • Graduation from a recognized university with a Computer Science degree or a Commerce or Business degree supplemented by a graduate diploma in Information Technology, minimum one year (900 hours duration) or from a recognized Technical College with a minimum three-year Computer Studies Diploma.
  • Three years’ experience with programming and systems design is required.
  • Knowledge of Eastern Health’s core enterprise system – MEDITECH
    A satisfactory record of work performance is required.

*Use of a private vehicle may be required*

If this is an internal posting only, only applicants of the Eastern Health NAPE HS Regional Bargaining Unit will be considered. Otherwise, if this is posted internal and external, we will accept all applications, but preference will be given to those qualified candidates who are internal to the Eastern Health NAPE HS Regional Bargaining Unit.