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Lago Is Immediately Hiring Multiple Candidates For Dishwasher Job – Ottawa, ON



Location: Ottawa, ON
Salary: $16.50–$19.50 an hour
Job type: Full Time , Part time
Shift/Hours: Morning, night, overnight

Lago Bar and Grill is looking to hire Full Time and Part Time Dishwashers. We are looking for someone with a strong work ethic, who is willing to learn and become a valued member of our team. Someone who works well under pressure and can set and surpass goals.

We offer a competitive wage with weekly tip out. Some experience is preferred but we are willing to train the right individual. We believe that a person with a good attitude that wants to work are the most important quality you can find in a staff member. If this sounds like you, send us your resume.

Some Skills we are looking for:

  • Organization
  • Strong work ethic
  • Dependability
  • Ability to work independently
  • Strong time management skills

Key Responsibilities:

  • Ensure the constant flow of dishes through the dish pit
  • Maintain a clean, organized work space
  • Assist in cleaning of the kitchen and the dish area
  • Maintain open communication with staff members

What skills and qualities are important for a Dishwasher ?

Being a dishwasher requires a specific set of skills and qualities to effectively carry out the responsibilities of the role. Here are some important skills and qualities for a dishwasher:

  1. Physical Stamina: Dishwashing can be physically demanding, requiring stamina and the ability to stand for long periods, lift heavy objects, and perform repetitive tasks. Physical endurance is essential to handle the demands of the job.
  2. Time Management: Dishwashers often work in fast-paced environments with high volumes of dishes, utensils, and cookware. Effective time management skills are crucial to handle multiple tasks simultaneously, prioritize tasks based on urgency, and ensure a smooth workflow in the dishwashing area.
  3. Attention to Detail: Dishwashers need to pay close attention to detail to ensure that dishes and utensils are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. They should be meticulous in checking for any food particles, stains, or residue and take the necessary steps to achieve cleanliness and hygiene standards.
  4. Organization Skills: Keeping the dishwashing area organized is essential for efficiency. Dishwashers should have the ability to sort and stack dishes, utensils, and glassware effectively. Organizational skills help optimize space, prevent breakage or damage, and maintain a well-structured work environment.
  5. Teamwork and Collaboration: Dishwashers often work as part of a larger team in a kitchen or restaurant setting. They should have good communication skills, collaborate with others, and coordinate with the kitchen staff to ensure smooth operations and meet the demands of the establishment.
  6. Adaptability: The pace of work in a kitchen environment can vary, and dishwashers should be adaptable and flexible. They should be able to handle sudden changes, such as increased workload during peak hours or accommodating special requests, while maintaining efficiency and quality standards.
  7. Hygiene and Sanitation: Dishwashers play a crucial role in maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in the kitchen. They must follow proper sanitation procedures, including using appropriate cleaning products, washing dishes at the correct temperature, and adhering to health and safety regulations.
  8. Multitasking: Dishwashers often have to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously. They may need to load and unload dishwashing machines, hand wash delicate items, dry dishes, and put them away, all while maintaining an organized work area. The ability to multitask efficiently is essential to keep up with the demands of the job.
  9. Positive Attitude: The work of a dishwasher can be physically demanding and repetitive. Having a positive attitude and a strong work ethic is important to approach the tasks with enthusiasm and maintain a productive and harmonious work environment.
  10. Reliability and Punctuality: Dishwashers are an integral part of the kitchen team, and their role is essential for the smooth functioning of the establishment. Being reliable, punctual, and responsible in fulfilling work shifts and meeting schedules is crucial for the overall operations of the kitchen.

These skills and qualities contribute to the effectiveness and efficiency of a dishwasher, enabling them to carry out their duties diligently and contribute to the success of the kitchen or restaurant they work in.

What education and certification are required to become a Dishwasher?

Becoming a dishwasher typically does not require specific formal education or certifications. It is generally an entry-level position that provides on-the-job training. However, there are a few considerations related to education and certifications in some cases:

  1. Minimum Educational Requirements: Most dishwasher positions do not have strict educational requirements. A high school diploma or equivalent may be preferred by some employers, but it is not always mandatory.
  2. Food Handling Certification: In certain regions or establishments where local health regulations require it, dishwashers may be required to obtain a food handling or food safety certification. This certification ensures that individuals understand proper food handling practices, sanitation principles, and health regulations. It involves completing a training program and passing an exam. The specific certification needed can vary depending on the location, so it’s important to check local requirements.
  3. Workplace Safety Training: Dishwashers, like other employees in a kitchen environment, may be required to undergo workplace safety training. This training covers topics such as proper lifting techniques, handling hazardous substances, preventing accidents, and using personal protective equipment. Employers often provide this training to ensure a safe work environment.

It’s important to note that the educational and certification requirements for dishwashers can vary depending on the specific policies of the employer, local health regulations, and the type of establishment. While formal education may not be a strict requirement, having a strong work ethic, willingness to learn, and a positive attitude are valuable attributes for success in a dishwasher role.

If you are considering a dishwasher position, it is advisable to inquire with potential employers about their specific requirements and any certifications or training programs they may expect you to complete.

Who can apply to this job?

The employer accepts applications from:

  • Canadian citizens and permanent or temporary residents of Canada.
  • Other candidates with or without a valid Canadian work permit.

How to apply
Online: Apply On Company WebSite

What is the work environment like for Dishwasher?

The work environment for a dishwasher typically takes place in a commercial kitchen, restaurant, or food service establishment. Here’s an overview of what the work environment is like for a dishwasher:

  1. Fast-Paced and Busy: The kitchen environment can be fast-paced and busy, especially during peak hours. Dishwashers are responsible for managing a constant flow of dirty dishes, utensils, and cookware, as well as maintaining a steady supply of clean items for the kitchen staff.
  2. Team Collaboration: Dishwashers work as part of a team, collaborating with kitchen staff, chefs, and servers. They interact with various team members to receive dirty dishes and return clean ones, ensuring a smooth workflow and timely service.
  3. High-Noise Environment: The kitchen can be a noisy environment due to the bustling activity and kitchen equipment such as dishwashing machines, ventilation systems, and food preparation equipment. Dishwashers should be able to work effectively in this environment, focusing on their tasks despite the noise.
  4. Hot and Humid Conditions: The kitchen can become hot and humid due to cooking appliances, steam, and dishwashing equipment. Dishwashers may be exposed to high temperatures and moisture, especially when handling hot dishes or operating dishwashing machines. Proper ventilation and breaks are often provided to ensure comfort and safety.
  5. Physical Demands: Dishwashing work involves physical activity and requires stamina. Dishwashers are on their feet for extended periods, lifting heavy racks of dishes, and engaging in repetitive motions. They may need to bend, reach, and move quickly to manage the dishwashing area efficiently.
  6. Wet and Slippery Surfaces: The dishwashing area can be wet and slippery due to water spills and splashes. Dishwashers should take precautions to maintain a safe working environment, such as wearing non-slip shoes and using floor mats to prevent accidents and injuries.
  7. Exposure to Cleaning Chemicals: Dishwashers handle cleaning chemicals and detergents to effectively clean and sanitize dishes. They must follow proper safety protocols, such as wearing protective gloves, using chemicals in the correct proportions, and storing them safely.
  8. Time Constraints and Pressure: Dishwashers often face time constraints and pressure to keep up with the demands of a busy kitchen. They need to work efficiently, ensuring that clean dishes are readily available for the kitchen staff and that dirty dishes are promptly cleaned and organized.
  9. Variable Shifts: Dishwashers typically work in shifts that may include evenings, weekends, and holidays. The food service industry often has irregular hours, and dishwashers may be required to work during peak times or for extended periods, depending on the establishment’s needs.
  10. Career Growth Opportunities: While dishwashing is often an entry-level position, it can serve as a stepping stone for career advancement within the food service industry. Hardworking and dedicated dishwashers may have opportunities to develop skills, learn other roles in the kitchen, and progress to positions such as prep cook, line cook, or chef.
    Understanding and being prepared for the work environment of a dishwasher can help individuals thrive in this role. Adaptability, teamwork, and the ability to work efficiently under pressure are important attributes for success in this fast-paced kitchen environment.